Websites is an online business card of your company. Website displays all information about your company: services, products, portfolio, company history and so on.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites are displayed correctly in any browser by adapting the content to any screen size and resolution of any portable device or computer.

Website management

Our websites are built with a support of content management system also known as CMS. CMS helps our customers to make almost any content updates on their websites without a knowledge of programing languages. In addition, CMS provides secure access to the website content's control panel from almost any device with internet connection.

We work with several content management systems. We use Joomla for websites that do not require shopping cart. For e-commerce website we use Magento. Every CMS we work with has a flexible architecture, multiple features, and various configurable plugins that give an absolutely unlimited possibilities of building a website for any business purpose.

User experience/interface design

Besides beautiful pictures and graphics any website must have easy navigation and a user friendly interface. Our goal is to optimize the design to create effective and enjoyable use of the website.

UX/UE (user experience) design

Is the process enhancing customer experience with a website by improving its usability and ease of use. UX/UE design is a technical task that requires complex evaluation of the website and web development.

UI (user interface) design

Is the process of creating look and feel of the website that affects certain emotions of the website visitors. UI design is a task that requires creativity and graphic design skills.

Every website designed in our studio has

  • Attractive designed with easy navigation
  • Responsive design for cross-device support
  • Correctly displayed in any browser
  • Has all necessary functional content
  • Easy to update without coding knowledge
  • Essential SEO optimization

One-page website

Logically structured informational blocks are gather on a single page. One-page design is a cost effective solution for start-up businesses. Main goal of such a website is to display necessary information about a single product or a service. Additional pages may be added in the future without doing a new website from scratch.

Business card

Small website that displays essential information about the business owner and company services.

Corporate website

Complete representation of your company online. Corporate website forms image of your company, helps to build relationships with your existing clients, and helps to attract new clients. Corporate website is essential for every business.

E-commerce website

Website with integrated shopping cart lets your customer to order products online. The website comes with a control panel to add unlimited product categories and products. E-commerce website is an ideal solution to expand business for retail and wholesale companies with physical stores and showrooms.