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Frequently Asked Questions

We expect the property to be photo-ready by the time we arrive at the location. All rooms must be decluttered and free of any items that should not be present during photoshoot. All trash cans must be hidden. All toilet seats must be closed. Kitchenware must be inside of kitchen cabinets. All apliances must be free of posters, calendars, magnets, and so on. We recommend to hire a professional cleaning service to prepare the property before we arrive. Non-occupied properties with empty rooms should be staged with a minimum furniture sets. If staging is not possible due to low budget we recommend to order virtual staging.

Decluttering is not a part of real estate photography service.

If the property needs any form of decluttering during the photoshoot our specialist will give advice to the owner or realtor of the property. The owner or realtor should perform the decluttering before the shot, otherwise, the property photos will be taken as is and it may affect performance of a real estate listing.

The real estate property should be absolutely safe for the real estate media specialist!

If the property is not safe for our specialist we reserve the right to cancel the entire service or avoid shooting such areas of the property.

We charge all clients 100% deposit to book any media service. If a cancellation or rescheduling is made in less than 24 hours from the appointment time, we will charge cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount or rescheduling fee 10% of the total amount. Cancelation fee will be subtracted from your deposit’s refund. Rescheduling fee will be charged by sending an additional invoice.

Payment is due in full before or on the photoshoot’s day before our specialist arrive on site. All payments must be made either by check or credit card. Cash, CashApp, and PayPal are also accepted. We do not accept Zelle payments.

Generally we serve any areas in PA, NJ, and NY. However, we may travel any distance. Travel and hospitality fees will apply. For more information please contact our customer service.

By international copyright law all media materials belong to the agency unless otherwise requested. Transfer of copyright requires separate agreement. However, our clients have full non-transferable right to use all the media materials for their marketing needs without limitations.

Example: real estate agent that ordered photography service for marketing of the property can use the materials to upload them on MLS, on social media channels (for tagging us on social media we provide 5% discount on any next creative service), print advertisement, etc. However, if a staging company or home remodeling specialist ask for the photos for their portfolio they have to pay full service fees that were paid by the original client who ordered the service.