Business card design for Aleksandra Lozova

Design a business card

Dec 19, 2018

Business card design 1.0

... and on the logo I have used a needle as recognizable element.

Client: Very nice but I want something more simple.

Business card design 2.0

Here you go!

Client: Better! What is that symbol for?

It's a logo. Two "A" letters connected side by side.

Client: I don't like it.

Ok, I will remove it.

Client: Please try to use some dresses or suits. I want to see how it looks like.

It maybe too busy but I will try. Also we can make gold foil on design elements.

Client: Sounds good!

Business card design 3.0

Please revise!

Client: Yes, it's way too busy! The back looks nice though.

Let me re-disign that.

Business card design 4.0

How do you like it?

Client: Honestly, black color looks depressing for me. Any other ideas?

We can use blue foil on top of white cards.

Client: Please, do!

Business card design 5.0

What about now?

Client: Maybe! I like this font better by the way. But something is missing anyway...

I am 100% sure that you need a good logo. I can use your intials to do something creative.

Client: Ok, but it has to be really good.

No problem!

Designing logo...

Business card design 6.0

Client: Wow! that's awesome...

Thank you! Which version do you like more?

Client: I like the version with a texture.

Great, we can print it on a linen paper for a luxury look and feel.

Client: Awesome, please print it and send me a digital version for Facebook.