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Aerial Real Estate Photo & Video

New technologies give the possibility to present the properties of the product in a different way. Real estate drone photography reveals features that are impossible to convey by traditional real estate photography. Use our real estate drone services to raise the sales because such type of shooting has already become an integral part of real estate marketing.

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Add-On Service

Residential Property
$15per photo
  • Aerial HDR Photography
  • Premium Quality Retouching
  • 24 Hours Turnaround Time
  • MLS Ready Photos

Residential Property

Up to 1 Hour
$125per property
  • HDR Aerial Photography
  • Premium Quality Retouching
  • 24 Hours Turnaround Time
  • Up to 15 MLS Ready Photos

Commercial Property

Up to 2 Hours
$250per property
  • HDR Aerial Photography
  • Premium Quality Retouching
  • 24 Hours Turnaround Time
  • Up to 15 MLS Ready Photos
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Interested in Professional Aerial (Drone) Photography?

Commercial Picture is one of the best real estate photography studios in Philadelphia. We provide professional real estate photography for realtors and agencies. Give us a call 215-595-4355 or book online our professional drone photography or video services.

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What's included?

We offer the following aerial (drone) photography and videography services. You have an opportunity to pick one of drone aerial photography services or order all of them:

  • High resolution aerial images displaying all possible angles of the property
  • Aerial video tour with music, brand elements, and contact information

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Do not lose your chance to increase sales efficiently and to get the necessary result working with our specialists. Enjoy professionalism and attentiveness to you as a client. We will implement your proposals and offer our own ideas. Our experience and creativity help us with realization of conception.


Benefits of Real Estate Drone Photography

In the market customers see a lot of offers that seem the same type. As follows, sellers resort to various ways for attracting attention. Modern technologies have brought new ideas for product realization. Drone photography is a unique solution to the issue of commonplace. People’s eyes catch better bright aerial videos for real estate than common photos. This type of shooting:

Shows Volumes and Scales of Buildings.

It gives the general picture about objects: how they look compared to other houses and how large the surrounding area is.

Unusual Angles:

Real estate aerial video demonstrates the sides of buildings that we can not physically see in everyday life.

Spectacular Shots:

We create aerial photography Philadelphia to impress your clients with originality and high quality.

These services are useful for all branches of business, no matter whether it is an enterprise or a restaurant. Photos and videos will attract both clients and partners for collaboration.

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