About graphic design

Visual perception occurs instantly in a human brain triggering an immediate emotional response, while text processing requires much more time and energy. Therefore, the effect of visual objects on a person is several times greater than the effectiveness of a text.

That's why graphic design plays one of the most important roles in the marketing industry. Well designed advertisement affects emotions such as excitement and desire to form needs of the target audience.

Corporate identity/branding

Corporate identity is a face of every business. Professional design of corporate identity creates positive impression and shows status of the business to clients and business partners.

  1. Presentation folder
  2. Business card
  3. Letterhead
  4. Envelope

Postcard, notepad, invitation card, appreciation card, certificate, brochure, and other printing products may be designed additionally to the standard corporate identity set. Each of the above products has its own purpose and will help to build your brand.


Infographic is a way of presenting information. Use of infographic becomes more and more popular in the business world. Infographic improves visibility and informativeness of any content.

Infographic may be used to present comparison of the product characteristics or to explain a service process. Infographic also may illustrate company history or product improvement over time.

logo design

Logo is a key element in a corporate identity. Logo is a graphic representation of a company's name. Logo is a face of a brand. It must be unique, meaningful, and recognizable.

We design logos relevant to each business type. We implement original ideas during logo development and never use any templates to make sure your logo is unique.

Advertising and promotional design

This type of design creates public awareness of products and services. With a help of advertising and promotional design, a promotional message can be delivered up to 100% to a target audience with a limited use of text or even without use of it.

Fillable forms

Fillable forms in a PDF format is a great way to optimize work with documents dedicated to collect information. This type of documents may include applications, surveys, business forms, and others.

Fillable forms consist of non-editable sections of text and graphic and fillable field to collect information. The forms may be designed in a classic business-style or with a use of colorful graphic and pictures. There are no limitations on the size of the form. Every form comes in a digital format that may be sent by email or downloaded from a website. These forms work on any modern portable device and on any computer. After filling the form, it may be saved locally, printed, or emailed back to the sender.


Signage as a way of advertisement always will be one of the most effective marketing solutions. A sign with laconic design and an eye-catching idea always stands out from the majority of other signs. Main goal of a sign is to cause instant emotional response like an interest or surprise. Less is more: good design of a sign must be clear of any unnecessary information as an average person will spend less than a second looking at the sign.


Wayfinding provides directional assistance within a specific physical location. Signage is a key aspect of a wayfinding. Signage helps to create a visually comfortable environment for visitors. Signage designed for wayfinding must contain a clear message for any person regardless of age or language.